Sainthood Cause Opened for American Foundress

Have you ever heard of the Parish Visitors of Immaculate Mary, the PVIM Sisters? If not, don’t worry. You’re not alone. But they’re a remarkable group of very passionate women religious who are dedicated to spreading the Faith.

Headquartered an hour and a half north of NYC in Monroe, NY, they go to homes within a parish boundary, looking to evangelize and catechize Catholics and fallen away Catholics.

As their website says, “In imitation of the Sacred Heart of the Good Shepherd, Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate combine a contemplative prayer life with missionary visitation to parish families, and religious instruction.

“Parish Visitor Sisters visit families and individuals where they live, door to door as well as along the way, in order to win souls for Christ.

“We do this in the name of the parish pastor, who knows that, in addition to the faithful Catholics, there are many others who have strayed away or are living on the fringes of the Catholic faith. These souls are dear to the Good Shepherd, who came to seek out and bring back the lost sheep. This is the New Evangelization called for by the Church!

“We reach out to persons as a friend, with compassion and gentleness, while upholding the teachings of the Church. A typical conversation begins, ‘Has anyone in this household ever been baptized Catholic?’ This simple question has begun the process of re-evangelizing hundreds of thousands of those who have strayed from Jesus. The Sisters strive to draw each person into closer union with Him.”

Now they are seeking to introduce the beatification cause of their foundress Mother Mary Teresa Tallon, PVIM.

From a recent news article on the introduction of her cause: “All of us need heroes and heroines – persons we can look up to, persons who exemplify for us the desires of our own hearts to be the persons God created us to be,” Accordino said. “Mother Mary Teresa Tallon is one of those people who mirror for us how to follow Jesus Christ in the everyday through her life of extravagant love for God, for His Church, and for His ‘neglected children.’”

To learn more about the cause, write:

Sr. Maria Catherine Iannotti, pvmi
Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate, Marycrest Convent
P.O. Box 658
Monroe, NY 10949-0658
website: www.parishvisitors.org




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