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March 2: St. Quintus the Wonder Worker

Today’s feast memorializes St. Quintus the Thaumaturge (i.e., wonder/miracle worker). He is considered another St. John the Evangelist, because like John he had been tortured in an effort to make him a martyr. However he endured and survived these ordeals and died peacefully of old age.

A native of Phrygia (modern day western Turkey) and from a Christian family, he went to the town of Aeolis (on Turkey’s western shore off the isle of Lesbos), and here he devoted himself to assisting the poor. During the time of Emperor Aurelian (270-275), the local governor was named Rufus. By having him tortured, he tried to force Quintus to sacrifice to idols according to the imperial decrees. He eventually released the holy man, however, because the saint’s prayers had freed him from  demonic obsession.

The Greeks’ Synaxaria (like a martyrology) tell us this happened in the city of Cyme, where an earthquake struck the pagan statues and the temple of idols, putting to flight all who were present there. Quintus was blamed for this. Therefore, 40 days after his release, Quintus was arrested again by another magistrate, this one named Clearchus. He proved more intransigent than Rufus, and he subjected the righteous one to torture, including having his legs broken. But when God immediately healed Quintus’ wounds, the pagans again released him, and no one ever bothered him from that point forward.

As a result, he went about his ministry healing the sick and aiding the poor for another 10 years, he died in about 280-85.

Quintus was a fairly common name among the Romans and indicates he was the “fifth child.”


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