Stop the Insanity

Dear Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, in the wake of all the controversy and plummeting ratings for the Oscars, I have a solution: Cancel the whole damn thing. Just have a press conference to announce the nominees. A month later, have another presser to announce the winners. Then donate the millions you spend on this garish annual extravaganza to feeding the poor in Third World countries or to an environmental charity for all the carbon footprint hypocritically left by each and every movie made (put your money where your mouth is, Leo & Co.).
Better yet, just cancel the whole thing altogether. No nominations, no awards. Just let the work speak for itself.
Or a happy middle ground: Cut it with the groan-inducing outrage produced by each and every little politically incorrect move anyone makes. Because it’s just baloney. Pure baloney. Who needs it? It’s certainly not doing anything to make this world a better place and it’s not advancing your agenda of “diversity.”
Far from it. Indeed from all the chatter from the average Joe in the street I’ve heard, it only entrenches the very prejudices you claim to want to fight.

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