Parishes named for our newest saint

Over a dozen parishes around the country (and probably many more internationally) saw a name change when Bl. Teresa of Kolkatta (i.e., Calcutta) was canonized (i.e., added to the canon — that is, list — of saints) as St. Teresa of Kolkatta. Most still use the archaic form of spelling her city’s name.

Here are the town in which they are located: 

Collingswood, NJ
Limerick, PA
Mahanoy City, PA
Topeka, KS;
Monches, WI
Ferguson, MO
Fairdale, KY
Dorchester, MA
Housatonic, MA
Maynardville, TN
Depew, NY
Bridgton, ME
Norway, ME
Woodinville, WA
Winchester, CA
The cathedral in Pristina, Kosovo
The Dum Dum Cantonment in Kolkatta (I’m guessing that’s pronounced “Dume Dume”)

I’ve only been to the one in Limerick, PA, but it is well worth the visit.


2 thoughts on “Parishes named for our newest saint

  1. Dante says:

    Calcutta isn’t simply an archaic name for Kolkatta. Its remains the legal/canonical name of the Archdiocese of Calcutta and is her official titual designation.


    • True. But just as Bombay is now called Mumbai, Kolkatta, too, has a new name, just as Peking became Beijing in the late 1970s. One of my archdiocese’s auxiliary bishops is titular bishop of Bononia. That was its name back in Roman times. It is still her official titular designation/canonical name. But try finding “Bononia” on a map. You won’t. That’s because it’s now known as Vidin, Bulgaria.


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