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A North Korean Christmas

Please take a moment to read this (thank you): At Christmas and year’s end, we consider our many blessings. After faith, life, family, and health, the greatest of all is the freedom we enjoy. So as you go to church, light a candle, say your prayers, eat your Christmas or Hanukkah feast, as you raise your toasts, and as you make your New Year’s resolutions, please think of and — most importantly —  pray for the people of North Korea (aka, DPRK), for here is how the Christmas season will look to them.

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Songs of Advent

Here are the titles of Advent songs enjoyed by Christians throughout the ages. Some are nearly 1,700 years old. Nearly all can be found on YouTube.

If you want to maximize this Advent so that Christ may be born anew in your heart, these songs offer an excellent means by which to do so.  Continue reading