RIP, Bishop Morlino, servant of Christ

Bishop Robert MorlinoA lion for Christ has died. RIP Bishop Robert Morlino.

As someone who once had the pleasure of meeting Bishop Morlino and who, living in the diocese next door to his, greatly admired the incredible things he accomplished– things that prove good bishops can turn back the tide of heterodoxy — this news has greatly saddened me.

For what His Grace did and accomplished in his diocese was remarkable given that, when he was appointed to it, was the proverbial train wreck to end all train wrecks. It was so bad, it was “legion,” and I use that word advisedly.

Despite vociferous, full-throated opposition from those who want to remake the Catholic Church in the image of man and the age, he directed the Church in the Diocese of Madison in the direction of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, he did so by following the example of the total faithfulness and witness for her Son given by Our Lord’s Blessed Mother. He was a true servant of the servants of Christ.

However, I am less sad that this “good and faithful servant” has died Continue reading


Beer Review: Great Divide’s Yeti series

I’m always attracted to great, different microbrews, especially if they’re new to me, and even more if they’re stouts (although I usually drink the ubiquitous and seemingly de rigeur IPAs). This is what prompted me to once try what is now my gold standard, North Coast Brewing Company’s “Rasputin” imperial Russian stout.

So when I stopped into my local beer distributor earlier this week, I was intrigued by a brewery that seems to not only simply feature a stout or two on its list of crafted beers but to specialize in them. My curiosity was aroused.

On sale was a triangular three-pack of 1 pint, 6 fl. ounce bottles of different stouts called the “Yeti” series by Great Divide Brewing Company out of Denver. It also featured a free metal coffee cup, perfect for enjoying one’s brew.

I’ve only had two so far, the chai-spiced and the imperial stouts (I’ve still to try the oatmeal stouts), but for the moment, I’m convinced I made a very good purchase. Indeed, as I wrote this, I was enjoying a refreshing quaff of the chai-spiced variety, an excellent writing companion. And for what it was worth, I drank it at room temperature. It suffered nothing from being “warm.”

I find it very hard to find a good stout. They tend, it seems to me, to be made for the drinker with a pilsner palate or whose taste buds tend toward lagers. That is they’re light, not very full bodied, etc., and lack that robust taste one finds in, say, the aforementioned Imperial Russian Stout from North Coast Brewing (which, sadly, is harder to find these days).

Definitely not the case here. GDBC’s stouts are not overpowering, but they are decidedly and pleasingly flavorful. And flavor is a great thing, especially when you’re spending $24 for three (albeit large) bottles.

What is more, they do not have the typical high ABV (alcohol by volume).

The only downside: My bottles were out of date by a year (not that you could tell by the taste).

Drink you next time!