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New Saints Declared

As the UK’s Catholic Herald does a better job of telling the story, I’ll let them.

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“Let us work, my daughters, we shall rest in heaven!”

Marie-Léonie Paradis

Memorial: May 3

Today we remember an indefatigable worker in the Lord’s vineyard, a Canadian foundress of a religious order, Bl. Marie-Léonie Paradis.

Born Alodie-Virginie Paradis in L’Acadie, Quebec on May 12, 1840, she came from a distinguished Catholic family, descended from a clan that had given the Church several bishops, including an archbishop of Quebec.


“Élodie,” as her family called her, was homeschooled until age nine, which is when her parents sent her to the boarding school run by the Notre-Dame Sisters. Although the Sisters were quite kind to her, she was often miserably homesick. It was here that she received her First Holy Communion and Confirmation in 1849 and 1850, respectively. Continue reading

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Another One Bites the Dust

Another beatification cause has apparently dimmed into oblivion.

C’est la vie. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. So everything goes. That holds for canonization causes, too.

They either end in success or fade into nothingness. And while for the latter an imprint may remain, perhaps just a faint one, their dust is blown away by history’s inexorable march, and we forget these heroic men and women. Continue reading

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Dorothy Day Cause Moves Forward

As America magazine reports here, the cause for the Servant of God Dorothy is moving forward.

While many will welcome this news, others make some good points as to why her cause is problematic (e.g., her loathing violence when on the part of conservatives, encouraging it on the part of communists, etc.; evidently she wasn’t quite the pacifist her supporters would have us believe) and thus not worthy of becoming a saint. The best, most recent argument in this regard is here.

However let us keep in mind that saints are not declared such because they were infallible or immune to the errors of their times. St. Paul accepted slavery. Saints in Merovingian times accepted things we would find horrific today.

Saints are named saints because of their holiness of life, how they lived the virtues in a heroic way. As one person put it, the saints are an annotation of the Gospels. So even if Ms. Day was morally inconsistent, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t holy.

God’s will be done now and forever.

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Pope Slows Sainthood for Stepinac

In a recent posting, Dr. Robert Moynihan has some really interesting insights into why Pope Francis has slowed the process of canonization for Bl. Aloysius Stepinac, the martyred archbishop of Zagreb (d. 1960).

You can read said insights here.

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Friend of Mother Angelica on the road to sainthood?

As the teenager Rita Rizzo, the recently deceased Mother Angelica had a good friend, an older woman named Rhoda Wise. Many thought Rhoda – a stigmatist similar to Therese Neumann – was a saint in her lifetime.

Now Rhoda may be on her way to beatification. See here for more.

Also, that 19-year-old on the far right? That’s Rita Rizzo. Rest in peace, Mother.