Spiritual Reflections

Great homily on our veterans

It is so rare that we hear our veterans praised in glowing terms from the pulpit. So when it happens, it’s worth recognizing and drawing to people’s attention.

Some background:

On Sunday, November 12, I went to St. Maron Church in South Philly because they had the relics of St. Maron, the founder of not only the Maronite Order but the Maronite rite within the Catholic Church. It has produced other great saints such as St. Rafka and St. Charbel (aka, Sharbel) Mahklouf, to whom I devoted a chapter in my first book.

I recorded the homily because I thought Fr. Vincent Farhat, the pastor, might mention St. Maron, which I could then use in some form (article, blog post, etc.).

Instead he took me by surprise with a sermon exclusively dedicated to why our veterans are a force for good and for God.

I’ve heard homilies that mention vets before. I’ve heard perfunctory thanks from the pulpit in the past. This was the first time I’d ever encountered such a full-throated appreciation of our vets and what they give to us.

With Father’s graceful permission, I transcribed the homily and present it here for your consideration.

Praise be to God for our veterans! Thank you all, not only for your service, but the sacrifice(s) that service has entailed throughout the years. God bless you each and every one.

(NB: The Gospel passage in the Maronite rite for the day came from John 10:22-39.) Continue reading