February 25: Martyred in China

Ss. Luigi Versiglia and Callisto Carabario
Memorial: February 25

St. John Bosco had a dream once of China. In it he saw two chalices, one filled with sweat, the other with blood. Hence why the two saints we feature today hold the palm branch, the ancient symbol of martyrdom and a blood streaked chalice.

The devotion these men showed to the Chinese and the success they had in gaining converts is remarkable. What is even more remarkable is their total willingness to do whatever was necessary to promote and defend the faith and the people they served. What the story linked to here doesn’t reflect is how badly they were beaten for trying to save the lives and prevent the rapes of the ladies. The bandits and communists who kidnapped them would have raped and possibly killed these women, but Fr. Carabrio and Bishop Versiglia protected them with their bodies, and the villains made them pay dearly for it. They beat the living daylight out of them.

Read the story linked to above. You’ll be glad you know the story of these brave men.


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